“We live and Die by Online Reviews!”

This was the comment from one of my clients on his opinion about the effect of online reviews on his business. This was at a time before we introduced JUMP and as a marketing consultant, it got me thinking.

I asked myself. If this is true then how do we make sure we get great online reviews and stand out from the crowd, in a cost effective way?

Why! Because if we are investing in paid advertising and our reviews are bad or have very few recommendations online – then we’ve just wasting our advertising dollars.

We came to the realisation, no one want’s to buy from a business with bad, low or old reviews!

The fact is, for most small business owners they don’t have the advertising budget to run big branding campaigns, so really do rely on word-or-mouth and their reputation to attract new customers.

Online Reviews and ratings can make or break a business! So it makes senses to make sure we get it right in our marketing mix!

Getting Reviews from Happy Customers is Hard

The problem was getting reviews from good customers was really hard.

These customers are happy, we’ve solved their problem, we’ve offered a great service or great product and these customer are now focused on other things in their life.

We are no longer their focus of attention!

It might sound strange but happy customers aren’t really motivated to give a great review because their satisfied and can move on with their life.

Crappy or unhappy customers are a different story…..! You know the one’s I’m talking about. Right!

These are the ones that complained about everything, the service, the product, how they were treated…. The list could be endless! These are the customers that no matter what you do….nothing is good enough…..! And they cost you money!

But guess what, these customers are motivated. It is now their mission to destroy you! And the way they do that is easy and nasty. They leave a really bad review and low rating….. Ouch!

They might only be 1 in a 1000 customers you have, but if you have zero or very few positive reviews, then this one single really bad review over shadows everything.

Why because all your other happy customers are “invisible!,” and this one nasty review stands out like nothing else.

This really hurts a small business owner and can causes unforetold stress, not to mention a lost in traffic, customers and sales!

Reviews & Ratings Drive more traffic to your Business

Imagine someone searching for the type of products or services you offer. When the list comes up on Google or Bing or Yelp or one of 30+ other local search sites – even Facebook.

What is a prospective customer looking at first?

No 1 is, what are other people said about your business and how many are saying it in the form of online reviews.



Of people will read online reviews before making a decision. (1)


Trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. (1)


Of people said they would use a business with a 4 star rating or higher. (2)


  1. Bright Local – authority on review search. https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/
  2. Michael Luca – professor in the Harvard Business School https://www.hbs.edu

“Your business is only as good as your customers say it is”

Due to the digital age, it has meant a small business owner needs to have a strong positive presence online or they simply won’t be able to compete. This isn’t a statement – it’s a fact because the research and statistics don’t lie!

Furthermore, even if your are the best at what you do, if you have very few ratings or a poor online reviews from those couple of unhappy customers, then that is how other prospective customers are seeing you.

Imagine customers searching for your services or products online and another business shines with ratings and online reviews. Who do you think they will gravitate too?

But hold one a minute!

Didn’t you spend money on marketing to get that potential customers to consider your business in the first place? Yes you did and in contrast it’s now cost you in wasted advertising dollars!

Consequently, the sad reality is you probably don’t even know how much money you have wasted or revenue you’ve missed out on because those potential customer didn’t even contact or engage with your business in the first place. You didn’t even get a look in!


Make it easy for your customers to give you reviews with Reputation Jump Software - An Online Presence Platform Engineers For Growth.

3 Steps to Building Great Online Reviews and attracting new customers.

If you want to benefit from having a strong reputation and getting plenty of great online reviews, to attract a new wave of customers, then follow these 3 simple steps:


Request reviews from your star customers. These people will become promoters of your business.


Read & learn from your reviews. Take this opportunity to better your business and deliver an awesome product and/or service.


Respond to all reviews even the bad ones. Take the time to address those negative reviews and build credibility with your responsiveness. Customers want their business to matter to you.

Download PDF Copy HERE

Certainly following these 3 steps will help your business create a steady stream of positive online reviews and attract a wave of new customers you have probably been missing out on before.

To come back to the question of “how do it make this simple for customers to give reviews cost effectively.

Consequently, that’s were we discovered JUMP SOFTWARE an all-in-one Online Presences Platform Engineered for Growth.

We introduced JUMP to our Australian customers to help drive our core purpose which is to “help small business thrive.

Check out this 2 minutes demonstration video showing how easy it is curate and manage online reviews and build your web presence with JUMP.

JUMP Software makes it easy to request reviews allowing you send either an email or SMS to your customers with a simple one click process.

With the JUMP platform it makes it easy to see who’s given a review and then promptly respond to that review, further building your relationship with that customer.

From the JUMP platform business owners and manages can also monitor and engage with customers across the social media land scope further developing a great online presence and reputation.

If you’d like you’d like a DEMO Tour and see how JUMP could help your business grow, why not book a Free consult HERE.





Sales & Marketing Director

Pascal is the founder and Sales & Marketing director for REPUTATION JUMP. His expertise in developing high converting sales system & marketing funnels makes him an in demand consultant and advisor to small business owners. Pascal is an NLP Master Practitioner, Infusionsoft Certified partner & an active BNI Member & Ambassador. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle practicing Brazilian Jujitsu at any occasion.