“95% of all marketing activities yield no results!”

And most small business owners don’t know why their marketing fails.

That was a statement made to me by John Dwyer who is one of Australia’s top marketers. John, or JD as he likes to be call, has worked for the big names such as the NRL, Woolworth and the Channel10 networks.

He’s the guy that brought Jerry Seinfeld to Australia to promote a local bank. JD really know’s his stuff and has a unique marketing systems that beat the odds. He admits that he’s had some real winning campaigns and some not so successful campaigns.

But across the industry JD says that only about 5% of all marketing campaigns ever work or yields any positive result!

That’s scary!

As a business owner knowing those odds, makes you wonder why would you even bother. But if you want to grow your business you are going to need to know how to market it. Meaning you have to participate.

Having a better understanding as to why marketing campaigns fails can help you work towards making a successful campaign. And avoid the pitfalls.

Here are the:

4 Simple Reasons most small business fail at marketing! And what to do about to avoid them.

Some might ring true for you!

So here goes:

Failure No 1: Wrong Message to Market Match

This comes down to putting the wrong message in front of the wrong audience and often on the wrong channel.

Recently I read an article about the hit show “MASH.”

And yes we all suspected Hawkie and hot lips would kiss.

MASH become one of the highest rating shows of all time, even to this day no other show has beaten it’s records. The show ran for 11 years.

What most don’t know was that MASH was a ratings flop for the first year and was going to be cut.

Fortunately the show was given a second chance at a different time slot and put in front of a different audience and boom overnight the ratings took off. The rest is history.

The show appealed to a specific audience and it wasn’t until it was matched to that audience did it become a successful. Pure and simple.

Marketing campaigns are exactly the same!

There is an old saying “all business is show business,” give them a great show and they’ll throw money at you. If you can come up with great creative marketing campaign and put it in front of the right audience you’ve got a good chance of success.

Sadly most don’t.

Most business’s marketing message is boring, un-engaging and has no call to action!

Often this poorly messaged campaign is just randomly put in front of audiences, in scatter gun approach that doesn’t hit anything.

The simple solution to this is researching what your most profitable customer looks like and creating an Avatar describing your most profitable customers deeper needs and wants including their habits and behaviours. Then developing a direct response marketing strategy that speaks to your audience in their language.

So mistake No 1 is often wrong message to the wrong audience.

Failure No 2: Running Blind.

Have you ever heard the term – “What get’s measured get monitored.

It’s one of the founding principle of business and it also applies 100% to marketing.

Most small business owners create marketing campaigns with no means of tracking performance or results. Meaning they wouldn’t know if a campaign is working or not.

Most small business owners run marketing activity like spraying bullets and hope something hits – but in reality completely miss the mark! Most then either give up or just through more money at it thinking that will do the trick. All the while never know why it’s not working.

Here is the flip side! Those that are fortunate to get a result often can’t repeat it! Why, because they didn’t measure what drove the success so don’t pull the same levers.

Business owners and managers that do set up a systemised marketing campaign that measure and track every step, know exactly what’s working, what’s not and importantly – where the cliff face is!

What’s the cliff face you ask?

It’s simply the point where potential customers fall off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again.

It’s that part of your customer journey where you get the most drop off.

Simply identifying where this cliff face is in your pipeline allows you to focus your energy, time and money where the biggest roadblock is and what piece of a campaign isn’t working. The lessons learnt at the cliff face often affect the whole campaign and the difference between success or failure.

By having “Insights” and measurable data about what’s happening in you marketing will allow you to make data driven decisions with confidence instead of guessing. These insights about what’s happening in real time allows you to adjust and fine tune campaigns to make successful decisions.

Failure No 2: Not monitoring campaign performance.


Monitoring online & website performance metrics allows you to make data driven decision about how to enhance the customer experience. Manage marketing activity with Reputation Jump Software – An Online Presence Platform Engineers For Growth.

Failure No 3: No System

We’ve all heard it “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Planning goes hand in hand with measuring & monitoring.

Most small business owners have a reactionary approach to marketing. Successful business’ don’t just have a marketing plan! They have a predictable marketing system!

Marketing plans are just that, plans. A marketing system is a process that systematically takes your cold audience that has no idea about you or your business, and leads them on a customer journey of discover about how you, your products & services can help them, solve their problems & improve their lives.

Along that journey of discovery they become life long customers.

The 3rd reason for marketing failures is no system but a reactionary marketing approach.

Failure No 4: Being Invisible!

What do I mean by being invisible?

There are two parts to online visibility:

Part A is about being found in searches.

90% of people undertake an online search before engaging with any business. And 95% of those searches are on smart phones.

You’ll probably stop me here and say “but I’ve got my Google My Business.

Yes you do! But I bet it’s not optimised and I bet all your competitors also have Google My Business. Meaning you are all competing from the same playbook!

The question should be: What have you done to help Google find you first? If you are following the same thing as everyone else, who is Google going to pick? It’s like a lottery!

To be found you need to be listed on as many business directories as possible….(psst…by the way, our JUMP customers are listed on 70 directories…!).

By being listed consistently across the web it makes it simple for google to index and find your business ahead of everyone else.

If you are relying on Google My Business alone and some website SEO, then you are severely missing out on at tonne of new opportunities.

You are missing out on people who didn’t even find you to begin. Ouch!!

At JUMP to help clients identify their visibility & online presence, we start with their JUMP Score.

What’s a JUMPScore?

The JUMP Score is measure of your search presence across the internet & social channels. It identifies the gaps and how to fill them!

In our experience 99% of business have a very low JUMPScore and have either no or incorrect listing information which significantly hinders their search results.

Meaning they are missing out on a truck load of potential new customers simply because they are not being found in the first place due to very poor web visibility and only relying on the Google lottery to be found.

Part B of visibility also relates to your credibility!

If your business is found online the next piece of the “invisibility puzzle” are Ratings & Reviews!

If a customer does find a business the might suit their needs but that business has low reviews & ratings compared to another business – who do you think they are going to get in contact with?

Crappy ratings are not going to inspire a potential new customer to contact that business.


Did you know that Google now ranks a business by ratings – meaning Google might not show your business to begin with if you have low or poor ratings. [This even effect paid advertising].

Having a poor online presence can render your business invisible. If you’re not showing up on search you’re missing traffic & leads and if you have poor rating & reviews your missing customers and sales.

Failure No 4 is having a poor Online Presence & Reputation.

So there you have it.

Our 4 point summary as to why most small business’ marketing efforts fail or yield no results.

How did you fair when you look at your own marketing results?

At JUMP we are passionate about helping small business thrive and with the JUMP platform and Customer Success Program we can help business owners & managers overcome these marketing hurdles.

The next step is to complete your Online Presence Audit to get your JUMPScore to identify how your business is fairing online. Your JUMPScore Audit report will identify where you’re missing traffic, wasting potential leads & losing customers and give you step to fix it.

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Sales & Marketing Director

Pascal is the founder and Sales & Marketing director for REPUTATION JUMP. His expertise in developing high converting sales system & marketing funnels makes him an in demand consultant and advisor to small business owners. Pascal is an NLP Master Practitioner, Infusionsoft Certified partner & an active BNI Member & Ambassador. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle practicing Brazilian Jujitsu at any occasion.