Utah Motor Sports Campus is Utah’s Premiere Race Track, located in Tooele Utah.

Since using JUMP software the business has had some huge wins with the system, so the JUMP team decided visited the motor campus to talk with marketing director Dixon Hunt. And of course sample the thrill of high speed driving.

Utah Motor Sports Campus facilities feature 6.5 km raceway, rally course, dirt track, rock crawl, and Utah’s only outdoor go-cart raceway.

JJUMPP software is the business’s online presence provider and has worked to improve their visibility online. In this video, Dixon Hunt explains how JUMP has helped to improve their online reputation.

The goals for using JUMP where:

  1. Attract new corporate options
  2. Bring in new people to the track
  3. Spread the word to the general public about what’s going on.

As Dixon explains with marketing now a days becoming more automated, what appealed most about the JUMP Software was how many different things you could do with the system.

For their business some key tools that helped drive their success where:

Managing and respond to all the reviews enhanced customer service and engagement.

The listings tab feature made it easy to update all their branding information consistently across the web meaning now they show up in searches & rank higher.

“Jump achieve in a couple of days what I’ve been trying to achieve for almost a year!”

Jump has put 5 different job functions into one platform saving hours of work each week such as the easy to use social media management scheduler.



JUMP Makes Marketing Easy!

The JUMP platform makes Dixon’s role as marketing manager much more effective and efficient. An all in one tool engineered for growth!

From all accounts the JUMP software has been an overwhelming success story for Utah Motor Sports Complex.

While on location, the JUMP team had a chance to try out some of their race tracks! The team agreed with what Dixon says in the video, “WE WILL BE BACK!” The whole team loved it and are so happy to have played a role in strengthening Utah Motor Sports Campus’s online presence.

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Sales & Marketing Director

Pascal is the founder and Sales & Marketing director for REPUTATION JUMP. His expertise in developing high converting sales system & marketing funnels makes him an in demand consultant and advisor to small business owners. Pascal is an NLP Master Practitioner, Infusionsoft Certified partner & an active BNI Member & Ambassador. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle practicing Brazilian Jujitsu at any occasion.